Dravite Ecosystem

More than just Dravite Coin

Supports Masternodes, POS

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Upcoming Plans

We are a Community Driven Project with 4x smaller supply and huge growth potential.We have our own MN coin that will soon be able for conversion (Dravite to DraviteFlex static amount coin conversion platform coming soon). Updates and enhancements coming to both chains as follows.

Perform updates to the Dravite chain as described below

Fork at blk 500,000 to increase pow reward/lower pos reward
Pre-Fork POS reward: 200% annually
Post-Fork POS reward: 20,625 static/blk

Pre-Fork POW reward: 0.07 per blk
Post-Fork POW reward: 16,650 DRV

Block 600,000
POS reward: 10,315
POW reward: 8,325

And even more

Dravite wallet UI upgrade to make it more user friendly
Generate a community burn address that allows community to send coins to be burned at any time
List on multiple exchanges (small to large)

DraviteFlex Upgrades soon to come

Wallet update to the newest pivx code base
Correct the POS and MN reward to reflect the flexible collateral
Listing on multiple exchanges (small to big)
Enhance options for MN hosting providers
Incorporate DraviteFlex on more MN monitoring sites


(If you have any syncing issues, try shutting the wallet down & open it back up. If that doesn't work, it just might be a corruption issue. Download the bootstrap zip file & copy all files in the bootstrap zip folder to your Dravite folder.)
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